Description of Rep. Karamatsu’s Bills

(1) HB679 Requires the department of transportation to establish standards for the placement of school zone traffic signals, signage, and crosswalks, on public roads, to help ensure the safety of students, parents, and school personnel.

– The federal, state, and city governments has jurisdiction depending on the ownership of the throughfare. This bill would allow the state to have jurisdiction over school safety signs within a 1/2 mile radius from the center of the school property. The distance can be amended.

(2) HB685 Designates the entire island of Oahu as an enterprise zone for two years from 07/01/2003 to 06/30/2005.

– For strategy reasons, I made the bill broad and had the enterprise zone cover the entire island of Oahu so members of the House can narrow the region down through discussion. For example, if the bill mentioned West Oahu only, it may have a lesser chance of being heard because it may offend politicians not in the region.

(3) HB681 Removes Social Security number requirement for driver’s license. Authorizes the submission of identifying documents; and HB1521 Prohibits the use of social security numbers to verify the identity of a person signing a candidate’s nomination papers.

– I introduced these bills because of the problems that have been occuring with identity theft. HB 681 will be heard in Transportation Committee this week.

(4) HB1523 Requires that rental fees for public school facilities be commensurate with market rates. Dedicates increased rental fees to public/private partnerships established within the school-to-work transition program.

– Because of the bad fiscal situation the state is facing, this bill’s intent is to bring in more revenue into education. On the other hand, I understand how this would put a strain on non-profits looking for a facility at a reasonable cost. This is a bill I introduced in the House on behalf of Senator Brian Kanno.

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