Parents Must Support Their Children in Their Education

In order for education reform to succeed, parental support is necessary. We must make sure our children are studying, turning in their homework, and behaving well. I attended public school from Pearl City Highlands Elementary School until graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

I was able to achieve my education because of my parents. As a baby, my mom who is a public school teacher would read to me until I began reading on my own. From three years old, my mom had my sisters and I complete workbooks and reading books by giving us pennies for each page completed.

When times are bad, my mom always tells me to look at a half a glass of water as half full, rather than half empty. Basically, make the most of what you got in your situation.

My dad was very strict, like “samurai.” I often got scoldings for my grades in math, my weakest subject matter. I guess that is why my dad is an electrical engineer and I became an attorney, businessman, and politician. Although I dreaded the anger in my dad’s voice, I appreciate it today. It prepared me to be calm and strong when I talk to someone who is angry or frustrated.

My dad always tells me to don’t blame others for my problems, but it is up to me to better the situation. That lesson taught me accountability, rather than blaming on others.

It is because of my mom and dad that I try to make the most of life. I am very fortunate to have great parents. I love them.

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