In my four years in politics, I had some good stories in the media on a number of issues relating to business, improvements to schools, technology and science, and preventing sex assault in Hawaii. However, the media can be nice to you one day, and bite you the next. Nonetheless, I always act politely to them. You need to have thick skin in this job.

The media is very interesting in how they pick what issues to highlight. They seem to always look for anything negative to make a story that sells. Sometimes, they also mislead the public. At times, they report as if they know you, but they don't. Finally, the media sensationalizes the story by exaggerating and taking your words out of context.

Now I fully understand why politicians and entertainment stars say they have a love/hate relationship with the media. They communicate with the public through the media, and the media can decide to tell their story accurately, spin it in a different light, or totally attack them. The media has a lot of power because the way they tell your story will determine how the public perceives you. It doesn't matter if they made a mistake, because once they tell the world, unfortunately, many people will take their reporting as fact.

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