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Hello World!

Aloha Everyone!

This website is my new headquarters for Friends of Jon Riki Karamatsu on the World Wide Web.  I have been sharing with you a part of my life since the Fall of 2002.  It has been a great journey.  I have had successes and good times.  I have also made mistakes and understand that I need to keep improving myself. 

I will continue to share with you my policy ideas, legislation, legislative appropriations, speeches, philosophy, creative writing, events, and personal life.  I also want to share with you my pictures, videos, music, and business ventures.  I have continued posting information and issues.  However, I decided to share with you my artistic side.  I want to encourage critical thinking and public service, but I also want you to have fun.  It is my hope that this website attracts a wide range of demographics.  Therefore, I decided to move to WordPress.com to diversify my communication to you.  My archives from livejournal.com has been inputted here as well.

I have noticed that journalism has changed since 2002.  They report on gossip and sensationalize the lives of entertainers and politicians.  Journalists even have their own blogs now!  In the recent past, the Honolulu Weekly and Honolulu Star Bulletin has quoted me from my Internet journal for a couple of their news articles.  In 2006, I was inteviewed by Time Magazine because of my Internet journal and featured in their December 18, 2006 issue. 

I look forward to sharing with you many more exciting things!  I hope my life ventures impacts you in a positive way or at least inspires your constructive thoughts.  My ultimate quest is to be compassionate, happy, and at peace.  Likewise, I hope I can play a small role in helping you and others to be compassionate, happy, and at peace as well.

With Warmest Aloha,

Jon Riki Karamatsu


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