Compassion versus Discrimination

I am constantly thinking, analyzing, and strategizing on how to better our society or how to resolve some of our most controversial issues.  Every night I can’t sleep until late because of all the thoughts that are racing through my mind.  Instead of avoiding the most difficult issues, I face it head on.

Our world is filled with people that have love and compassion, however, there are many who are full of hate and discrimination.  People are constantly judging others.  We must try to eliminate or at least minimize our shallow judgments on what we see physically before us.  Body is emptiness and emptiness is body.  We need to look deeper and see or feel the soul.  The soul can radiate love and compassion, or it can radiate hate and discrimination.  Instead of judging others, we need to look within our own soul and better ourselves.  Are we radiating love and compassion or hate and discrimination?

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