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My Projects

While I was an elected official for the past 8 years, my schedule was extremely busy with meetings, events, legislative work, and campaign work. I was being pulled in so many directions. Now, I can direct my focus to my projects and personal life. I am going full force to accomplish all I can while I have more freedom and some privacy. After all, this time is limited since I plan to run for elected office again in the future. With my new-found free time, I am still involved with community organizations, but I also have more time to read laws, rules, and cases for work, and fiction and nonfiction for pleasure. I am trying to spend more time on my novel, Internet retail business, financial bookkeeping, and home. I enjoy drafting laws and lobbying at the legislature, but now I want to also do well litigating the laws and facts in the courts as a trial attorney. I enjoy influencing many things in society. I am determined to take it to the next level in law, politics, and business.

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