Guy Kawasaki, An Inspirational Business Leader

I am always proud when Hawaii people do well at the national and international level like Guy Kawasaki, a businessman, entrepreneur in technology, and author. He helped develop Apple in the 1980s, co-founded Garage Technology Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in technology start-ups, and, an online magazine rack. Guy Kawasaki’s father is Duke Kawasaki, a former Hawaii State Senator. Currently, he is the special advisor to the CEO of Motorola, a Google Company.

I just read an article on him in the Iolani School Bulletin – Volume LV, Number 1, Fall 2013, and his quote stood out: “My parents taught me two very important principles: First, don’t take crap from anyone. Second, that I have a moral obligation to treat everyone fairly and nicely. Noblesse oblige if you will. I also believe there is a karmic scoreboard, so if you screw people, you’ll get screwed. With these three principles, I’m good to go.” – Guy Kawasaki –

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