My Friend & Digital Art

Recently, I ran into my long-time friend at the Honpa Hongwanji Bon Dance on Saturday, June 27, 2015. He and I met at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Back then, we studied together, served in the ASUH Senate, and planned out our career – mine in law and politics and his in finance and the corporate world. I got him to be involved in politics and he emphasized the importance of business and a strong economy. Several years after we graduated college, I was in state elected politics and started an Internet retail business, and he became a Vice President and then an Executive Vice President of a decent sized corporation. We continued to support each other and did things together until he got married and moved away. Well now we’re back together as we reinvent ourselves – I’m now focused on building positive products or service for people through stories, music events and food, and likewise, my friend is trying do it through the digital arts, especially on the powerful attraction that a woman can radiate. It feels great to strategize with him again, trying to pierce through the dark unknown that is ahead of us. All we have is mostly dreams right now, but as scary as it can be, I’m excited to see how far our efforts can go.

The digital arts has gotten really popular. Since my friend is working on digital art focusing on women, I did some research, and here are a few that I found that’s sure to catch your attention, and I also found a song to match them. Enjoy!

impressivefairy-girls-digital-arts-28 sexy-anime-girls-04





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