Invocation by Eight Year Old Ms. Teighler Gella

Invocation by Eight Year Old Ms. Teighler Gella on the evening of Thursday, March 24, 2005:

Aloha Speaker Say, honorable representatives and guests. I am happy to be invited back again to give today's invocation. Will you bow your heads and join me in prayer.

God, thank you for allowing us to gather today and for all the hard work that the ladies and gentlemen of the House of Representatives do on behalf of all of us. COntinue to grant them the wisdom to make the best choices possible for our state and for funding programs that helps those wh truly need our help.

Last year for my birthday, I asked the House of Representatives if they can get my parents to buy me a pony. Well, I got a little plastic pony but I really wanted a real one. I know that the representatives have more important decisions to make but if they give my parents a tax credit con the purchase of a real pony, they just might buy it for me for Christmas. I don't know what a tax credit is but my mom asked me to ask you guys and I know it wil probably make her and other moms very happy.

God, thank you for all the blesing you've given in our beautiful state and continue to bless the people of Hawaii and the House of Representatives who are doing their best to make it a better place for me, my family, my friends and future generations to come.


Representative Karamatsu's introduction of Teighler Gella:

Mr. Speaker, may I make an introduction?

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.Colleagues and guests, I am proud and privileged to introduce Ms Teighler Gella who just did tonight's invocation. Teighler, will you please stand and be recognized? This is her second year presenting the Invocation on my behalf. Teighler is eight years old, going on twenty, and in the Second Grade at Saint Joseph Catholic School in Waipahu. She is bright, charming, and has a great future ahead of her. Will Ms. Rabago please stand and be recognized?

Also joining them is Teighler's aunt and Rep. Blake Oshiro's Office Manager, Reena Rabago. Reena, will you please stand?

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

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