The Public Doesn’t Know You Like I Do

I dedicate the following poem to all of the politicians, entrepreneurs, and entertainers who are filled with love, compassion, and empathy who are facing the darkness that leaches around power:

You do what you do because you want to make this world better.

But when you get there, you’re judged, criticized, and taken down.

Your work for the community gets overshadowed by whether or not your personal life is stable or broken.

They get excited when you make any mistakes or are just near any mistakes.

They don’t care if you were wronged by other powers out to get you.

They label you when they don’t know the truth.

They smile when they prepare the chains.

I saw the tears in your eyes – you don’t have to hide them.

I know how much you care for others.

The public doesn’t know you like I do.

I just want you to know, that my love is here for you.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, Poem, 12/20/2018 –

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