You Will Always Be With Me

My breaths may be shorter,

but my dreams with you are longer.

You see, either way, you’re still with me.

Soon it’ll be my time to go,

but my memories of you will come with me,

so even though I’m not here, you will always be with me.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, December 6, 2016 –

[My friend Michael Oasay and his love for his wife Yvonne inspired me to write this poem. She told me how he was loving and supportive of her and her children for five years before they started dating. I thought that was so romantic, so I put it into writing in just a few minutes early this morning after I visited Mike at the hospital the night before. I knew Mike since I was in elementary school and Boy Scouts. His family and my family have been friends since our childhood. Mike is battling cancer, which is in a bad stage right now. Even though I know what’s before us, I’m hoping for a miracle. Mike’s such a wonderful person demonstrated by his unconditional love for others. I strive to be more like him. Please be kind to one another. I love you all. Love, Jon]




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