Moving but yet so still.

Today, I met my close friend and immediately noticed that she was pregnant. I was so surprised. She kept this fact from me until now. I’m happy for her. She’s moving forward with her boyfriend, while other friends of mine are separating or are trying to carry on with a life away from their former significant other as they try to deal with sharing time with their child or children. I’ve read many articles and studied the statistics on successful and unsuccessful relationships and also its impact on children. We make decisions because of the feelings we get and the pressures of time and expectation. Maybe I’m analyzing relationships and the family structure too much – Romanticized with a vision that only exists with about half of our nation’s families, as blended families, single parenthood, and a single life such as mine is a norm of our time period, in comparison to the days of our grandparents.

I know happiness is what we make of our lives, as we embrace gratitude for the good things we have. I understand this, and continue to move forward and evolve with time, but yet when I look within me, there is a dark corner where I am so still.


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