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Saved My Cousin-In-Law’s Life With The Heimlich Maneuver

Last night on March 2, 2018, I used the Heimlich maneuveur to save the life of my cousin-in-law who couldn’t breathe because he was choking on food at my home. The piece of food shot out of his throat on my second attempt. I’m so happy my cousin-in-law is alive. Below is information I gathered in case if you need to save someone from choking to death. Live every day to the fullest.

Performing abdominal thrusts involves a rescuer standing behind an upright patient and using his or her hands to exert pressure on the bottom of the diaphragm. This compresses the lungs and exerts pressure on any object lodged in the trachea, hopefully expelling it. This amounts to an artificially induced cough. For example, WebMD recommends the rescuer placing his or her fist just above the person’s bellybutton and grasping it with the other hand. To assist a larger person, more force may be needed. The Mayo Clinic recommends the same placement of fist and hand and upward thrusts as if you are trying to lift the person.

If the victim is not upright, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends positioning the person on his or her back, then straddling the torso and using chest thrusts.

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