Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant’s Signature Shrimp Dumpling!

Grasped between my chopsticks is Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant’s Signature Shrimp Dumpling. The plump shrimp is wrapped in a translucent starch wrapping and steamed. I like to dip it in soy sauce mixed with a chili sauce. Yum! 😋❤🥟🥢

You can enjoy this dish for lunch at Jade Dynasty Seafood Restaurant. If you like seafood, go there for dinner and enjoy their lobster, crab, and shrimp that can be prepared in various ways such as steamed, salt & pepper, fried with Garlic, steamed with garlic, ginger & onion, steamed with Shao Xing Wine, garlic butter, or special black bean sauce! 🦀🦐

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