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Rainbow World Is Real

Go into the mist

at the end of the rainbow.

Enjoy Rainbow World.

– Jon Riki Karamatsu, Haiku Poem #109, 1/20/2018 –

I dedicate this Haiku poem to my nieces Elyse (age 4), Sophie (age 2), and Adalei (age 1 month).

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It is what it is. What will be, will be.

On my last night visiting my sister Mia and her family in the Bay Area, California, I was playing make-believe with my niece Elyse, as we did a number of times while I was there. We gained supernatural powers and met with mystical and magical beings and creatures in various realms. A poison dragon exhaled some poison. I covered my mouth and told my niece that I was poisoned. “No, it’s trying to help you,” Elyse exclaimed. She grabbed a thick book belonging to my sister and read, “It is what it is. And what will be, will be.” I needed to hear those words, and its impact was huge because it came from my 5-year-old niece.

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