My Swiss Army Pocket Knife

My Swiss Army Knife from my parents when they visited Switzerland as they toured Europe some years ago. It has my first and middle name on it. I made the leather knife holder with my initials on it when I was a Cub Scout in Pack 75 of Pearl City, Hawaii and used it through Boy Scouts of Troop 75 and Team 75 of Pearl City, Hawaii and up to now. Scouting taught me about learning, teamwork, and perserverance. I had to use my knife’s scissors to open up a small package of snacks from Japan while I typed and read last night at Starbucks. Grateful for these useful items!

#swissarmyknife #switzerland #leatherknifeholder #cubscouts #pack75 #boyscouts #eaglescout #troop75 #team75 #scouting #learning #teamwork #perserverance #mindfulness #gratitude #macbookpro #starbucks #waikele #hawaii

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