Great article on 7 steps to be happy.

Great article on 7 steps to be happy. Here they are with my interpretation and input! Strive for a great day everyday!

  1. Have something to look forward to: Plans with a friend or a treat for yourself such as nice dish or dessert.
  2. Manage your mood: Do what gives you a feeling of control. Avoid doing things that throws your emotions off, save it for later in the day.
  3. Eat breakfast: Studies show that breakfast makes us feel emotionally happier.
  4. Do something you dread: Getting something done that is challenging or has been bothering you provides a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Send a “thank you” email or text.
  6. Plan how you’ll deal with challenges: Think about the worst that could happen and it probably won’t but if it does, you will feel prepared and ready to handle the issue.
  7. Kiss somebody you love: I don’t have anyone to kiss so I’ll pretend. When I do have someone to kiss, I will definitely kiss her whenever we go our separate ways.

Below is the link to the article:

Morning Ritual: The 7 Steps That Will Make You Happy All Day

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