2017 Halloween

On Halloween evening, October 31, 2017, I had fun giving candies to children at my friend Mike Noguchi’s house in Pearl City, Hawaii. For the first group of kids, I was so happy to see my friends Scott and Michelle Miyasato’s 2 youngest daughters and Mike and Rachael Lee Oshiro’s daughter with their friends!!! That highlighted my day!!! Later that evening we ate pasta, and I helped Ashley Kirito with her business plan to expand her business servicing horses. Pictured here is a Jade plant for good luck from my friend Mike Noguchi. I have so much gratitude for those moments!!

#halloween #trickortreat #children #friends #jadeplant #happy #mindfulness #gratitude

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Filed under Friends, Gratitude, Happiness, Hawaii, Live Events, Mindfulness, Positive Living, Positivity

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