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Non-attachment & cognitive behavioral therapy practices for your life.

Non-attachment & cognitive behavioral therapy practices for your life.

What you believe is happening in your life is only your perception. It may be interpreted in a totally different way by someone else.

Non-attachment, a Buddhist practice makes you leave your perception in order to see an event as it is or a person as he or she is without judgment. You feel the good or bad feelings caused by the event or person; however, you don’t become attached to them, so you don’t react irrationally through your emotions.

Instead you see the event or person at a higher level of consciousness. By practicing this, you can see through the clouds of your emotions to see all angles of your situation to act in the best way possible.

Combine this practice with cognitive behavioral therapy to see past your cognitive distortions as shown by the book Feeling Good by Dr. David Burns. ❤

I do my best to implement these practices in my life. It’s challenging but totally beneficial. Have a great day my friends! 😃

In this picture, I completed my 97th exercise for 2021 by running 3.51 miles in my neighborhood on 9/1/2021. Then I did my 49the strength training at home with 200 crunches and 200 push-ups. 🏃‍♂️

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