Mindfulness & Gratitude!!!

I took a picture of the half moon in downtown Honolulu after an event while waiting for the bus to go to my next event on the early evening of February 12, 2019. The view looked even more beautiful in person! Being present has made me more appreciative of the beauty around me.

Second, I’m super grateful for the terrific bus system in Honolulu, Hawaii. I told Mayor Kirk Caldwell at the event that The Bus is awesome!

He replied, “Jon, it was always awesome!”

“I didn’t get to experience how awesome it is until now!” I said. Not driving a vehicle for a year has made me super grateful of public transportation. I can’t wait to use the rail, which I voted in support of when I was a politician in the Hawaii State Legislature.

Two of my daily practices: mindfulness and gratitude!!! Crush it my friends!!!

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