To Do or Not To Do?

In life, we often come across opportunities or get involved with something that seems good, but it’s out of our comfort zone. We can analyze the pros and cons, get opinions from others, and follow our intuition.

Sometimes our situation will be more obvious when red flags start popping up everywhere and people advise you to stay away or leave. At other times, there may not be any noticeable problems for us or anyone to analyze. In either situation, we will get an intuition, if not at that earlier moment, it will occur along our journey.

Marie Forleo, an entrepreneur, life coach, and author said it best in her Youtube Show Marie TV that is linked below, “Do you feel expansive? Or do you feel contracted?” Does your shoulders open up and do you feel excited? Or does your body pull in, your head start to shake, where you dread about it?

Our body doesn’t lie. When you talk about something you shouldn’t do, you start to look pasty and depressed. But when you’re excited about what you’re working on, you light up like a Christmas tree.

Great advice that we can apply in our lives and career.

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