Get-together with my friends Jerry L. Chang and Dick Kim!

I only catch the #bus for #meetings. Yesterday was different. As usual, I do #work on my @samsungmobile #smartphone and @apple #macbook pro while riding the bus, but I was super excited because I was meeting with my friends Jerry L. Chang @mastif8 and Dick Kim for a get-together @shirokiyajvw !!! Jerry and I served in the Hawaii State House of Representatives together. He is also a real estate developer and former administrator for the University of Hawaii at Hilo. We have so much fun memories, especially our adventurous travels to other states and countries. He’s a great statesman and has so much positive energy. Jerry has been a huge mentor in my life!!! 😊

Dick is an import/export businessman doing trade between the United States and many countries. He is a very kind person, and I enjoy listening about how he sees opportunities in business. He has also influenced my life as such a positive and kind person!!! 😊

I’m so lucky to have wonderful experiences with great people like Jerry and Dick!!!

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