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We understand the generations before us when we become them.

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We understand the generations before us when we become them.

I appreciate my late grandparents and parents even more now that I’m older.

During our timeĀ from children to adults, we observe our parents and grandparents. The world is new to us. We keep learning and exploring.

As we grow older, our grandparents and their friends fade away and our parents become the seniors. We’ve got careers and responsibilities. Some of us have kids, some of us don’t. It’s at this point that we begin to understand the sacrifices our parents and grandparents went through because we’ve become them. Once, our parents are gone, we have to take on their role. It’s surreal when you think about it, to say goodbye to our parents and their generation. As time marches on, our generation will also fade out, so we have to make the world the best it can be for the younger ones coming up. Time is the most precious resource. Let’s make the most of it. Do the things you want to do with your love your loved ones and love them with all you’ve got!

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