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In a world that can be cruel at any moment, you can make it crueler or better.

In a world that can be cruel at any moment, you can make it crueler or better.

You can choose to create life.
That’s easy.
But what’s your intent?
Not so easy.
Unlike suffering, which can be be intentional or unintentional,
kindness can only be felt when it’s intentional.
Compassion and patience take effort.
Whereas, anger and impatience are effortless.
In a world that can be cruel at any moment,
you can make it crueler or better.

– Positive Masters, Jon Riki Karamatsu, 9/14/2020 –

As I dive deeper into my studies of psychology, philosophy, sociology, mental health, neuroscience, history, and other fields about humans, I came up with this poem. Some humans can be so destructive, yet others can be so loving. On the bright side, throughout history, many people have done amazing things, even finding purpose and happiness under the cruelest and most heartbreaking situations. Be the light for those who are suffering in darkness.

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Is Peace Forever Elusive?

Is peace forever elusive? It seems, so long as there are humans, there will always be those who hurt others emotionally and physically. Yet, it is the energy of negative people that fires up the power of those who are positive. With bad people, as much as their acts feels terrible, they make the world more challenging and gives the good people a greater purpose. If the world was perfect, we may take things for granted because there would be less bad experiences to compare to, and there would be no need for heroes. So long as there are people who harm others with words or might, it is the hero in all of us who will keep the world tipped towards compassion, empathy, and love.

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