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Beautiful Orchid Flowers!

Beautiful orchid flowers.

This beautiful orchid was given to me as a gift for one of the opening of the Hawaii State Legislative sessions when I served in the Hawaii State House of Representatives from 2002 to 2010. It’s the last of the many flowers and plants gifted to me back then. My dad has been caring for it since I live in a townhouse on the second floor. It’s vibrant and thriving! 

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Flower Therapy & Color Therapy!

Orange Kalanchoe flowers for flower therapy and color therapy!

Orange Kalanchoe flowers for flower therapy and color therapy!

On Sunday, February 23, 2020, I won these orange Kalanchoe flowers from playing bingo at an event hosted by the Jodo Shu Hawaii Fujinkai, a women’s organization within Jodo Shu Hawaii. It’s a beautiful succulent plant for your home or garden.

When you care for other living things such as flowers, you get a good feeling and a sense of accomplishment. A dopamine rush lifts your spirit.

Orange can be an uplifting color with its attention-grabbing brightness, which is perhaps why it is often used in marketing. Orange can make you feel happy and energized!

What are your favorite flowers? What are you favorite colors? Use flower therapy and color therapy to alleviate your stress, worries, depression and/or anger.

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